The sun about to rise in Sarangkot

Pokhara was so hazy the whole time we were there, that we could not see the Himalayan peaks from the city. Bummer.  There were only one chance when the haze lifted and Machapuchare was vaguely seen from our hostel balcony. The haze made it like a shadowy giant looming from afar… daunting, but very beautiful regardless.

Before heading back to Kathmandu, we still have that one appointment to watch sunrise from Sarangkot. I had to wake up at 4 AM that morning with aching muscles after trekking up and down to Kande and Dhampus the previous day. I was thinking to bail out from this sunrise watching trip, but, heck, this was like the last chance to have rendezvous with the Annapurna range… so I did it anyway.

And I did not regret it at all.

Before the sun was rising, again these spectacular peaks loomed and greeted me. With minimal lighting from the leftover moonlight I once again got face to face with my dear Machapuchare.  She was so sacred, graceful… beautiful.

I cherished that moment and thanking the Almighty for his creation. This moment also made me pledge to be back in Nepal and made myself ready to get closer to the Himalayas.

As the sun rose, little by little those peaks were covered by clouds and haze. There was my goodbye to Annapurna range. Lucky me, Sarangkot gave me another present: a breathtaking sunrise view over the hills and valley. Forever grateful.

Morning had broken in Sarangkot. I love this picture so very much.


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