Titikaka and Totora

I have said many times that Peru is not only about Machu Picchu and it has a lot more on the plate. One of the must-have experience while in Peru is visiting the floating homes of the Uros on Lake Titikaka or Lago Titikaka. This lake is the highest navigable lake in the world and also serve as a border between Peru and Bolivia.

The yellow paddy-like plant as shown in the photo is Totora. What is Totora? Totora is a kind of aquatic plant that apparently is very versatile in the life of Uros people of Lago Titikaka. They use it almost for everything, from building homes to munching them as snacks! My visit to Titikaka was beyond amazing. I was so charmed by the Uros hospitality and how unique their culture was. The landscape was also stunning. It was cloudy with some drizzle when I was there, but it did not veil the beauty of the lake

The Geek visited Lake Titikaka in August 2015.

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