The Charm of Chefchaouen


I could not stop taking pictures in Chaouen, it was too beautiful. It was cloudy with a drizzle that day, but I didn’t mind and didn’t care. Well, it actually rained pretty hard later at noon but still the charm of Chefchaouen cannot be hidden. Chefchaouen must be on the list on a visit to Morocco.

Here are some notes to enjoy the charm of Chaouen:

  • Pick a riad inside the Medina with a rooftop to enjoy the magnificent view from inside the city. That’s the reason why I chose to stay in Riad Baraka . The place is incredibly clean and homey. I love my stay there, so much, that I have to write it down here. Too bad I only stayed for one night.
  • Spend at least 2 days in the city. I learnt that there are many more to explore in and surrounding the city. I simply stayed too short 😦
  • Avoid arriving too late in the city. I arrived at midnight because of some silly bus-booking mistake. Taxis were scarce and most likely you will get scammed by anyone “trying to find you the way to your hostel” in the city square. Make sure you printed the direction to your hostel and understood it. If you were not sure, ask your hostel to pick you up in the city square and ask them to walk you to their place. I believe things would be different had I arrived earlier and it was not freezing. Anyway, it’s better off to arrive in bright daylight.
  • Get lost! Well, on the contrary… in a bright daylight I do recommend you to get lost in the beautiful alleys of Chaouen. You’ll never know where it could get you to… but please… do remember your way home 🙂
  • Take LOTS of pictures! Explore your photographic sense in this city. In my humble opinion this is heaven for travel photographer.

    Chaouen is incredibly picturesque and it is at a level that a place could elevate your photograph to a dream-like scene.

I am so blessed to finally had a chance visiting this Blue Pearl of Morocco. I hope you all can tell some stories of your visit to Chaouen later on 🙂

The Geek visited Chefchaouen in March 2016

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