Inside Rio’s Favela

Rio! We spent our day in Rio by having a guided walking tour to Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro. I can say that this was the best experience I had whilst in Rio. Kudos to Henrique, our guide,  who was just being our buddy that whole day. He took us to enjoy Rio absolutely like a local! I really enjoyed his take on Rocinha tour. He parked his teeny-tiny car about one block away from the entrance to Rocinha. We walked and took public bus to actually get into the favela. We get off from the bus and started the alley adventure. That’s one heck of experience being there! Houses so packed they seemed to be just one building with multiple entrances.

rocinha 1
Where we exited Rocinha, we enter from the other end, but it was always the market telling you that you’re about to exit the neighborhood.

Impression? Honestly, it kinda take me back to Jakarta. There are actually similar neighborhoods in Jakarta.

But, then I heard conversations in Portuguese and geez… everyone in Brazil is surely good looking and blazing with confidence on whatever they’re wearing and doing: I know I’m in Rio, baby! Well, the myth is real… everything is hotter in Brazil.

We had 3 hours or so inside the favela. Henrique also took us to a rooftop of a building inside Rocinha to experience bird-eye view of the neighborhood. And it was so awesome (not to mention scorching hot) !!!

There I was… Rio is beautiful indeed!

Some other take on the favela…

rocinha 2
Regarding the complexity, my friend said: this only came second to my love life! That’s a good one actually, LOL.


rocinha 3
I love how they put vibrant colors on their houses!

It was fascinating to be able to experience and witness the life in Rocinha. It somehow reflects hard-working spirit, happiness and above all love.

Life is in the way you see it. Happiness comes from the inside. I believe that is true.

Life is just as colorful whether you are achieving or struggling… because you yourself splash the colors into it. I learnt so much from this walking tour inside Rocinha and I wish everyone there all the happiness in the world!

The Geek visited Rio in August 2015.

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