Photo Tale : Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace, a landmark worth visiting whilst in Seoul.
Gyeongbokgung Palace, a landmark worth visiting whilst in Seoul.

I’m not quite an urban explorer kind of traveller. I L. O. V. E. (or worship?) ancient civilisations; their ruins, captivating myths and history (ask why, LOL) but not much of a city lover. I enjoy nature a lot more than modern man-made attraction, let alone a metropolitan (megapolitan?) city like Seoul. Lucky for me, Seoul has a handful of history and beautiful preserved building like Gyeongbokgung Palace as shown on the picture above to make my visit more enjoyable… and not to mention those lip-smacking streetfood oh-my-good-gracious-god!!! 🙂

The visit was on November 2013. I travelled with my two friends at that time. We were so thankful that we found Emily. Now, who is this Emily? Emily is one nice girl from a group of middle-schoolers who were volunteering to guide tourists visiting the Palace. I forgot what was the name of the school, but it was an all-girls school located in Seoul. Right at the subway exit just below the Palace, we read a standing-banner in English about the free-guiding program. We were greeted by the warmest smiles from the group of students and their teacher and there we met Emily, who was offering to be our guide. It was a 45 mins FREE guided-tour with excellent English and the best knowledge possible! Sure it was not an opportunity to be missed. We were so lucky for that, 😉

The buildings were amazing and I think I won’t blabber about the history lesson I heard from Em on this post. I will leave you to google the history piece by letting you know that this place is worth a visit. Also this is the place to take a very-Seoul-ish photos possible. LOL. Try to take photos with the guards! Mine came out so hilarious!

I will be back with more stories on Seoul. Yeay, I just started to fill in this blog again. Good for me. Anyways, enjoy the Seoul city lights taken from Namsan Seoul Tower featured on the top of this post.

Until next post!

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