Photo Tale : Flattop Trail, Alaska

My kind of picture perfect. A snow covered mountain.
My kind of picture perfect. A snow covered mountain.

Took this picture on my trip to Anchorage, Alaska almost a year ago. I was beyond excited at that time! Not only that I would set foot in  freaking Alaska but also I had a chance to visit my dear friend Mbak Fanny. Thanks to her, we got our accommodation and transport being taken care of. Thanks for letting us stay in your beautiful home! 🙂

That one afternoon out of our 4 days stay in Anchorage we headed to Flattop and witness how beautiful Alaska was. The view from the top of the trail was just so breathtaking! I mean, it was only Anchorage and the surrounding that we could see at that time. I believe Alaska has a WAY more to offer for nature lover like me (duh…. of course it is freaking ALASKA) Though it was freezing at that time, but I couldn’t help myself to take photos here and there. The photo above was part of the Chugach Mountain Range. Hike up the Flattop Trail is definitely a must do when you are in Anchorage!

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  1. Mehmet says:

    Omg.. I guess those people had their lives to be tnufkhal for, but what a horrific way to spend the holiday! I feel so badly for them. My house burned to the ground one cold winter day ten years ago. There is a feeling of loss, helplessness and fear that lingers in the smoke. I hope that your community rallies around this family. It makes one realize how precious life is.


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