Photo Tale: Miniature

This was taken in Chicago on November 2011 from the Willis Tower Sky-deck, yeay! The sky-deck was an awesome experience, scary at the same time, too. But overall, Chicago’s great! It was only a short weekend visit (to escaping Houston, phew), but we managed to visit the highlights of the city. Seemed like a great city to live in though…

Foto ini diambil di Chicago pada bulan November 2011 yang lalu dari atas Willis Tower Sky-deck, yeay! Skydeck keren banget, sekaligus menyeramkan. Tapi secara keseluruhan, Chicago asyik banget! Meskipun cuma perjalanan di akhir minggu (buat kabur dari Houston!), tapi bisa juga mengunjungi objek-objek andalan kota ini. Dan… terlihat seperti kota ideal untuk ditinggali.

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