Story of an Earth Geek

Okay, I think I am going to start with a very very usual way to start up my article; It’s been a while! 🙂 

Well, it totally is! The idea to write just came like a thief in your mind. Oh yes, especially when you just have nothing to do. LOL. I was stuck in Rumbai for training these last two days…

And Oh Well, I also stuck in Duri… for good 🙂 – will write about that in a short while 😉

Yes It’s been really a while. As I ever wrote in my previous post, A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENNED! Mostly in my professional life (that is the one I would like to blabber about right now)…

I was struggling to graduate from my university back then. It took me 8 months, 2 topics and 1 brilliant supervisor to finish my undergraduate thesis. Well actually, I got all the job done in only two months, the other six months… ummmm let’s say those were the time to think. But anyways, I graduated and I also had an internship and moreover I could squeeze in a convention to Colorado as well… and crazily I started my first job just two days after my graduation!!!

That was fast, real fast as I am thinking about it again nowadays. I was sad because I didn’t have the time to enjoy the time of being out of college, but thankfully I didn’t have to experience that. I was glad that I ended up making money instead. I guess… LOL

I feel blessed indeed. If I may, this is how I would like to accentuate myself in my professional life:

“Graduated as a geophysicist, experienced (for a REAL short-while) as a log analyst and now assigned as a development geologist”

I joined an oil and gas service company more than a year back. I was so happy because I succeed in my first job interview! I joined them as a log analyst. I took credits whilst in college for a course called “Well Logging Geology” and that’s all I know about wireline logging! The first 8 months of my career was filled with trainings, trainings and trainings! The first three months were even more exciting: field exposure! We went to the fields, worked and learned at the same time as logging operators. That would be the time when you felt really excited on going to the rig-site for the first time until you felt so fed-up that all you wanted to do was just stayed back in the workshop. LOL, been there. There were also times when you felt so miserable for having to work in the field. Anyways, that was a great experience and I am actually glad that my career path led me there. One good thing about joining a service company is the training… and the international exposure you got as soon as you joined. In three months, I had my first international training, and I had another one two months after the first. Great times indeed; the knowledge, the networking and for sure the friendship you got through the training programs.

I had my field exposure in Duri… I spent 3 months abroad for training and that made me spent like one year plus of my career as log analyst in Duri. Seems like Duri has been handcuffing me. Turned out right now I am living in Duri for good.

I stayed in my previous job only for one year and five months. When I decided to quit, my colleague asked, “Why so soon?”. Sometimes, there are things you just cannot explain. I had to leave the job simply because I felt that it is not my passion. If I continue to do the job, I was afraid that it will bring no good both for me and the company because I started to do my job not by heart. Oooo… that is dangerous, fellas!

Sounds too naive? Childish? Name it.

I wanted a bigger responsibility, a greater challenge. I was then realized, I can not force my brain to do the job I don’t like. Well, being in a crappy job (for me) is not your fault, but staying in one is. So I decided to leave, although it did cost me a fortune, a lot. But in the end, I came to a thought that I can easily make money, but happiness? I need a job that I love, something that made me jump out of bed happily every morning.That is why I accepted a job offer from an Oil and Gas Operator Company to become their Earth Scientist. I was an earth scientist intern with them back at college, and I am glad they wanted me back just in time I felt it is time for me to leave my first job, and frankly saying my comfort zone. In so many ways, I was already tuned in to the previous company’s operation, started to get used to their culture, made a lot of friends and it was just hard to leave the company which I already get comfortable in.

But… I gotta take the big leap. And I am glad that I did.

I prefer not to stay too long in my comfort zone. I am afraid  I’ll kill my desire. My desire to be in an adventure.

I challenged myself to leave and took the job offer. And here I am, now a development geologist. It is now my third week. I have been enjoying my activities so far, but I GOT A LOT TO LEARN! I got to refresh my knowledge in regional geology, geophysics and moreover learn more about production and reservoir engineering.  For me it’s a challenge accepted! I am taking the next step in my career and I still have a lot of plans in mind to be executed… oh well, let the story of the Earth Geek continues :-p This Earth Geek is not yet having a master degree, though…

Anyways… my message would be, do not be afraid to step back a little bit to take that big leap. Even in your career life… follow your heart!  Listening to your heart will not do you any harm except making you even more happier!

I will try to post more on my future journeys… until then 🙂

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  1. Konsep Wicaksono says:

    Christine, what an inspiring story of you. 🙂 Well done and congratulations! The fruit of your labor is sweet, and I must say you deserve it. I hope this success has opened up the door to various opportunities for your career. Well, even though it’s in different way of job, you must believe that all you need for your successful is your bravery against the obstacles. If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal — that is your success. All nature is your congratulation . . . 🙂


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