A note from the Pacific…

October 21st 2010

A dream came true! That was pretty much what I had in this past week.

While I was writing this I was on a flight heading to Taipei from Los Angeles. Means right then I was crossing The Pacific! Aha… this one flight was nicer that the previous one I suppose. The turbulence was not so bad. I was about to arrive in Taipei Saturday morning local time. I’ve been flying for approx 5 hours now. Since it’s a 13 hours flight I have to keep myself busy. I was so done sleeping. I slept on my way down from Denver to LA. Thanks to the travel agent by the way for keeping me awake every time I reached an airport for the so-tight flight schedule.

It is all started when I receive a notification letter from a very nice friend of mine, Melissa …

Way back to May, while I was browsing around, checking statuses on facebook and downloading K-POP stuffs, there came the e-mail subjected: 2010 SLS Announcement.

Surprised, yet curious.

Surprised because I didn’t expect that the the announcement will come very soon anyway and curious: what’s actually in there!!! and it came up saying these things…

May 17, 2010

Dear Christine Elizabeth:


The SEG Foundation Travel Grant Committee has awarded you a SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) travel grant to participate in the 2 day SLS program and participation in the 80th SEG International Exhibition and Annual Meeting in Denver, USA.

Your travel grant will pay for your airfare, hotel accommodation for six nights, and a daily allowance for meals. Any ground transportation, visa expenses, passport expenses, baggage expenses, and incidentals will be your financial responsibility. You will receive your meal allowance upon your arrival in Denver. SEG will handle registering you for the SEG Annual Meeting and Exhibition.


All of the sudden, I felt like flying. I WON THE TRAVEL GRANT! Wew, I was screaming out loud in my room, jumping around and knocked on my bestie’s door, Sary, delivering the news. My gosh, this thing finally happened! FYI, I applied for the travel grant a year earlier, it was for the SLS in Houston, TX. I was expecting that soooo much, that it ended up I failed to accept the grant. While this year, I almost didn’t apply. I just went nothing to lose and as we all can see, funny how things worked out, aren’t they J but for sure Thanks a zillion to God for making this all happened!!!

Next up I will tell you a bit about what exactly I got to attend…


SLS stands for the Student Leadership Symposium. This event was organized and sponsored by the SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicist) and Chevron corporation. Chevron sponsored me a lot this year, haha. And seems like they made my year. Well, I got an internship with their business unit in Indonesia earlier this summer and now this! Thanks a lot Chev! 😉  In the SLS I met other 52 students from 31 countries. From the Canada to Romania to England to Autralia to Korea and Botswana. Awesome! I am having the best day of life. Yeah I mean this was the first time I went abroad across the continent, and it’s all free and first class and I met so many people with the all same thing to do: geophysics.

above was my team and I together with SEG executive and senior staff after the strategic problem solving session


As what the event’s named it’s a leadership symposium. So they gathered up the student leaders from SEG Chapters around the globe and train them with professional leadership skills. We had leadership lecture, best practices presentation from the chapter (and I was so proud representing ITB and Indonesia in this session!) and later on the next day we had out-bond and team-building activities. It was a great fun.


Most of all, I made so many friends! It felt like I had link in every part of the globe that I could contact one day. We went to a road-trip together to the Rockies (I will write that down into another story!, promise!) and among the 10 of us we had Argentinean, Arabian, Egyptian, Indian, Botswana, Brazilian and Indonesian for sure. Alalala, that was so much fun. Moreover I got a lot Spanish connection. My roomie was from Mexico, I hung out mostly with Latin American friends and I got to learned so much Spanish… Muchos Gracias, amigos!

This event was targeted for every student chapter officer across the globe. Bottom line, I do encourage all SEG’s student chapter officers to apply. YOU REALLY HAVE TO ATTEND THIS!

At last from the Pacific I send you all the warmest regards,

:-* Chekaharmen

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  1. irawano says:

    Ka Chris, it was an awesome story to tell. I have added you on facebook, have you accept my friend request yet? I really want to know more about geophysics in ITB, do you mind if I asked you a few question in fb ? thank you



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